Welcome to the Tardis


You have reached Dr. Dreammaker’s Tardis.  Please observe the no smoking and no dying signs.  Keep your head low, your hands inside and avoid clogging the toilet with to much tissue paper.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to read whatever I decide to publish here, while blind folded, singing the Macarena and dancing Gangnam style.

Disclaimer: This is my Tardis, every website and blog I have ever created since 1990 has been about making money, for a university, about selling online, helping others, or similar.   So I built this Tardis to escape all of those both in space and the fabrics of time.  As my assistant, you will join me in the most excellent adventures in time, by following me in my Delorean.  Because I am driving the Tardis, I’ll need you to drive my Flying Delorean, just in case the Tardis breaks down somewhere.  Neither of us want to get stuck within a deep cave inside Uranus or similar places around the universe.

You’ve been warned!  This blog and the literal fabrics of time and space will self-implode should we screw something up during our journey.  So please, leave your gerbils at home.


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