The art of Goodwill

The Goodwill often receive art donated by unknown to moderately known artists.

At the Goodwill in Los Angeles, there is a 10 by 3 painting on the wall of its main offices. I often look at it while waiting for my appointments.

As an acrylic artist myself, I’ve never painted anything this large. My 30 x 30 paintings take months of intricate work, and hundreds of hours of time. I can not imagine how much time this particular painting took.

Standing in front of an art piece, no-one thinks about how long it took to paint. Instead being intrigued by the symbols and images that stand out, and attempts to understand what was in the artist mind and soul motivating them to paint what they paint.

However you appreciate art, is good. I just thought I’d show this particular painting I enjoy looking at the Goodwill in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Goodwill Art