Parler is back, setting a high standard for Social Media

When SkyThrusters Parler account posts stopped appearing in its hash-tagged feeds, following it blocking Hillary Clinton’s account. It felt very suspect that perhaps Parler Shadow-bans too.

After a divisive political attack by alt-left progressive corporations like Apple, Google and Amazon which looked like had killed the Parler Social Media Platform, Parler bounced back, better than before.

Lot’s has been said about the supposed danger Parler poses. Its got ton’s of conservatives, supporters of the US Constitution, and oh boy! Those Christians and Jesus Disciples are back to talk about Jesus, loving one another and forgiveness of sin. Beware!

From all the radicalized social media platforms and propaganda news media outlets, you would get the impression that the world was being over taken by Jesus Freaks in long white robes, wandering around thumping people in the head with their bibles.

Or how about those radical’s who actually believe the US Constitution is a good thing, that protects the rights and privilege’s of everything people risk their lives for to be smuggled across the US Boarder in hopes of obtaining that dangerous thing called liberty and freedom for all, that doesn’t exist anywhere else.

You’ve been fooled, by the same fools that have divided America and pitted race and ethnicity against each other in order to win votes for yet another election year.

I began using Parler back in 2020, I was using Parler during the elections, I used Parler up until Apple, Google, Twitter, Amazon, and others teamed up in an effort to permanently silence those who wanted a harassment free social media platform opposite of Twitter. A social media platform that didn’t aggressively silence, throttle, manipulate, hide, disable, throttle, shadow ban, post warnings on, and ban people who didn’t lean so far to the left that they fell over. A social media platform that didn’t silence and ban US Presidents, Congress members, Christian Religious Leaders, Republican Black Leaders like Diamond and Silk.

The now recognized staged and pre-coordinated Capital Invasion where Senior Leader, Nancy Pelosi not only didn’t add additional security but actually sent some of the normal security home, was a tragedy. But being on Twitter and Parler that week, the only place I saw any radicalism was on Twitter. Parler was pretty silent that week, other than people posting they hoped Donald Trump wins, a few disappointed in Mike Pence, lots of people offering up prayers for the elections, some concerned about their state election bodies refusing to consider or take election fraud serious. But otherwise, it was pretty boring. Twitter on the other hand, was a mess, hostile, hateful, radical to the point, I turned it off and posted videos to my followers about selling online on Parler, and answered questions about making money.

But this, like so many other times in US History when oppression has occurred, is turning out to be a good thing for Parler.

Parler’s board made what I believe was its best decision yet. A decision Twitter should make if it wants to save itself. Parler decided to fire its founder and CEO.

In its return, Parler has a new interim CEO who at least so far is very likable. He actually uses the social media platform. There is a different kind of “Vibe” about him. He seems so far to be more on page with the community, and everyone at least upon it’s return is pretty excited.

Parler used its’ down time to improve on its structure. Amazon simply wasn’t a good platform or cloud for running a rapidly expanding social media platform. It’s AWS Cloud service was sketchy at best in adapting quickly to sudden increases in traffic.

Parler has returned, it’s risen from the dead, crawled up out of the ashes, and its a better looking, faster, experience. It’s also more committed than ever, to being a platform that unlike Twitter, actually allows both sides of a conversation to engage equally in a conversation. After-all, isn’t that what American’s love most about America? As Morpheus of the move the Matrix replied to the Twitter like commander of Zion who told Morpheus, “Not everyone believes like you”. Parler has become the Morpheus of Social Media, as when Morpheus replied, “My¬†beliefs do not¬†require them to.” That is Parler in a nut shell, the social media service where, Your beliefs are not required to agree with my beliefs. Or as the Twitter idolized president Barrack Obama once said in a Buzz Feed Video, “You do You”.

I am a firm believer that Parler is not only going to succeed, but quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms in 2021 and going forward.

For myself, as a Christian who wanted to talk about my faith in Jesus Christ, Minecraft, selling online, occasionally cheer on a political leader I thought was doing a good job, or maybe a bad job, I found my posts never appearing to anyone in Twitters Hashtags, other than the 25 followers who happened to find me. My account kept getting suspended or being forced to re-validate because I followed Donald Trump and several members of congress. I noticed Twitter accounts posting enormous amounts of discrimination against people of religion, people of white ethnicity, people who believe in the US Constitution, employment, marriage, ruthless attacking and not being censored, disciplined, filtered despite being reported. While I and others were being filtered and throttled for saying, “God Bless America” and being called Fascists’.

Parler being offline left a giant void, with only Twitter being similar. I stayed on Twitter as long as I could tolerate it, but it became clear that Twitter doesn’t want Christians, conservatives or people of traditional values on its platforms. After several times with two weeks, that 100% anti-Christian hashtags trended on Twitter, even being promoted by Twitter, I simply had to leave. Thankfully, several weeks of daily checking to see if Parler was back online, eventually paid off, and I immediately logged back in, with Parler barely working as they tweaked it and brought it back online, to take a deep sign of relief.

Parler is back, and even though it felt a little strange after all the propaganda campaigns against Parler and its users, it’s great to be back.

I’ll say one last thing about the first generation of Parler. There was three times I saw any radicalized behavior on Parler. All three were when lots of conservatives, Christians, Catholics, etc. left Twitter and moved to Parler. Within a week or two each time, a massive coordinated attack from those who Twitter favors registered within 24 hours and began harassing, causing disruptions and intentionally targeting people like myself who were minded their own business. In my case posting meme’s and talking about Minecraft.

The last time it happened, was right before Parler was attacked by Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Google and others, and then blamed by House Congress Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Friends for the Capitol riots. In that last time, it was a massive Black Lives Matter coordinated attack, in which over seven thousands associated accounts were registered in a day, began posting racist comments, posting pornography and seeking out Parler users to intentionally harass them. At that time, I tracked down two BLM leaders accounts on Parler who were telling people what to do, how to behave, who to attack, etc. I saw 5,000 followers appear on those two accounts while I was watching them. The senior Black Lives Leader posted a comment stating, they were only on Parler for two weeks to do as much damage as possible. I wrote about that experience previously.

If America is still the America that I love, and people risk their lives trying to sneak into. At some point, America is going to have to vomit and purge all of this corruption, anti-America idealism, and putrid hypocrisy to make itself well again. Parler quite potentially is the beginning of the return to free speech within the context of free speech and the ability to have civil public discord, without having to torch businesses, punch out old people walking on the side walk, and harass anyone who doesn’t agree that the green light is red, just because a vocal minority says the light is red.