BLM takes over Parler With Internal DDOS Attack

BLM attempts to create an internal DDOS attack directly within the conservative Parler Social Media App.

In our previous post, we discussed areas where Parler needs to improve on its filtering of comments and feeds, and what appeared to be a type of Shadow-Ban after a comment was posted questioning of the appearance of Hillary Clinton as one of its elite members, followed by a ban of that account.

This month a massive exodus occurred on Twitter, as conservatives, moderates, supporters of Republican and Libertarian politicians, Catholics and Christians, decided they were tired of being Twitter Banned, having their accounts regularly banned and suspended, in addition to the encouragement of socialism by the Twitter Brand, promotion of left leaning politicians, etc.

Parler, despite its limitations was a nice and pleasant, mostly peaceful social media service. Didn’t see any direct racism, fights or arguments.

I suppose it was to good to last, especially with the new racist cultural movement to destroy anything and everything that has any American-European culture, from statues, to small businesses, to a recent direct threat to America by BLM’s founder.

And so, the culture of hate, fake tolerance, intentional and targeted harassment by racists blacks organized and Parler was bombarded over night with thousands of African Americans intent on sabotaging the Parler app by giving it the lowest possible ratings on Android and Iphone to force removal of the app, overwhelm Parler’s moderators and attempt to create a DDOS attack from within.

Strolling through thousands of echos and posts by this terrorist culture, are almost continual racists comments and threats about or to “White People” in addition to the tons of black selfie video and photo porn. Porno, unlike on Twitter, is not allowed on the Parler Social Media Service.

I use the word “Terrorist” because that is exactly how the Dictionary on Google defines their intentions and actions.

One could easily call the entire socialist culture of the new democrat party a terrorist organization considering the way it has spied, blocked, sued and funded America’s riots in 2020, bailing out those who conduct violence caught in the action and politicians who refuse to enforce state laws and have defunded police departments. But that is another story.

So instead of getting into a debate about whether the claims are true or not, here are a few screen captures taken during the five hours I worked with Parler to identify violations. I am a Parler member, not a representative, but since these hostilities directly impact me, including direct threats, and images I don’t want to see. I guess I have to be a Patriot on Parler too.

Bryson Tiller (aka PUSHA C) obviously both fake names expressed his intention to create a racist environment on Parler, suggesting any white person on Parler is a White Supremacists and member of the KKK.
IGotItOnMe (aka Vexxter) one of the BLM organizers helping connect those participating, makes it very clear, that they are on Parler to essentially create an internal DDOS (Denial of Service Attack) for the next two days.
He was reported at least once for intentional actions of hostilities in addition to being reported for encouragement of disrupting the actual social media service.
NoodSexual (AKA “the symbol period”) Made his political endeavors a little more direct, in his multiple posts about attacking conservatives, Republicans and supporters of President Donald Trump.
Misanthropical (aka the miracle) a self proclaimed black transvestite, posted how they felt like farting on “White People” today. Just one of thousands of anti-white, racist posts being made during this aggressive and intentional movement to harass, intimidate and make hate speech directed specifically at anyone on Parler whose photo or bio might indicate their being of a European or American Caucasian Ethnicity.
Jenessapaniagua (Aka Jenessa – Nessa) received over 1 thousands followers and has been acting as a key account for organization of the attack in addition to contributing or “echoing” mass amounts of Pornography. This video uploaded by America is Forever on Vimeo recorded account names and photo profiles. It is a 15 minute continuous scrolling of accounts till the end. Some of the bios that appear alongside the names are quite revealing.

Not really much else can be said or added. Parler is struggling to keep up with the attack. Images and photos of explicit pornography remain hours, sometimes multiple hours after being reported. This article is based on observations.