Black Lives Matter Airlines

How likely are you to ride on American Airlines now that it is using Black Lives Matter racist propaganda to promote it’s flights?

It takes America into that appearantly forgotten words of wisdom, those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat them.

Whether it’s Starbucks removing “Merry Christmas” from its winter holiday cups to not offend non-Christian customers, or the bakery that was sued multiple times for refusing to make a wedding cake for a gay couple, appearance is everything, and in this situation businesses like American Airlines have jumped on a social justice marketing moment that places racism at the forefront of its advertising.

List of many of the companies helping, financially supporting or promoting Black Lives Matters LINK.

Perhaps this is exactly what the Democrat Socialist party in Congress right, the same party linked forever to the Southern Slave owners democrat party, would have done in America’s past when blacks were not allowed into white owned businesses, or had to ride at the back of the bus.

Perhaps if those southern democrats had access to 2020 marketing technology, they might have had White Lives Matter vinyl coverings on those whites only buses.

What is true, is that this trend towards racism against white and European Americans during this time of Democrat Socialist Anarchy, is this will not end quietly or shortly as the now mostly forgotten Starbucks holiday cups fiasco has.

Black Lives Matter Leaders Threatens

In 2020, we have seen an attempted internal coupe-detat of an American president, the attempt to overthrow law enforcement, national riots and anarchy, and then there is the Black Lives Matter movement leaders who have been trained as Marxists, have declared violence if they do not get their way and who have now acted on those threats.

Attacks by blacks on white and European elderly people on the street, even on young white people walking alone in grocery stories and in malls is becoming commonplace.

Recently, while small business leaders lost their life investments due to forced state government lock down for over eight months, Black Li es Leaders came out joyfully supporting and proclaiming that looting and destruction of stores, public property and residebtial areas is ‘acceptable reparations’ for blacks, and questioning any harm since, ‘those small businesses either have or should have insurance anyway’, leaving already economically ravaged businesses and lives of latino, middle eastern, Asian, white and black business owners and the jobs they brought to a community gone forever.

Black Lives Matter movement leaders have been trained as Marxists

Marxists have often used ‘useful idiots’ – Russell Berman, Stanford University Professor

Why would companies and businesses like American Airlines, Target Department Stores, Mercari online shopping app and website join in and even financially support such a politically, socially and racially devise movement?

I Do not know. As someone who witnessed Reginald Denny, the truck driver who blacks pulled out of his truck at an intersection in Compton, Los Angeles during the Rodney King Riots, while he was delivering goods to their community stores, it’s difficult to understand this kind of hate, or why any company would choose use it for marketing purpose.

Reginald Denny, who they pulled from his truck when he stopped instead of running them down as they blocked his path, who they beat in the head with cement construction blocks, and a massive fire extinguisher, then kicked him as his brains poured out of his head.

No white European who saw that innocent man as it occurred on tv, has forgotten that event of thirty years ago. No one who related to Reginald Denny’s experience avoided going through a soul searching year or two of having to make a decision that day, of whether they would ever allow themselves to become the next Reginald Denny in the future, when a black mob blocked a freeway or intersection.

In 2020, after eight months of black racial division and anarchy in the name of blacks harmed while breaking the law, cars running through rioters in intersections are appearing in the news weekly.

Some may be those who made a decision thirty years ago to never let it happen to them. Others have made that decision in 2020 after daily 24 hour bombardment by media.

But what is true, is that by marginalizing white and European Americans by embracing, funding and marketing themselves as Black Lives Matter supporting establishments, they have become what they have said they are against.

They have become that bakery shop who the LGBT advocates cried out against, because the owners stood by their convictions about traditional marriage, or the Norfolk Wedding Photographer who encountered similar.

American Airlines, Mercari, Target and others have become those buses supporting the racial division of the southern democrats which had Whites Only signs in their windows.

Just like people haven’t forgotten about Reginald Denny, they won’t forget the businesses and companies that encouraged and supported Black Lives Matters attacks on whites and Europeans whose families never owned slaves 200 years ago, or who are not police officers or involved in upholding the laws.

Just like people haven’t forgotten about Reginald Denny in the 1992 uprising or the unrelated September 11th Trade Towers attacks in 2001, they won’t forget the businesses and companies that encouraged and supported Black Lives Matters, for better or worst.